Des sourires pour le Togo, Summer 2019


"The joy we could share with the many children, when giving them the yellow balls from, was a wonderful experience."

Yanek Schiavone




Cambiela und Des sourires pour le Togo, September 2015


"It was a wonderful experience to share the joy with the children when they received the play balls of To see the beaming eyes of the many Togolese children and to see them so happy when playing with the balls, this made us happy too. It is amazing, how simple it is to give some joy to children of another part of the world, who grow up under much different circumstances than our children. Therefore, it is even more important to support them and to let them know, that we haven't forgotten them. To donate a ball from to those children is a great opportunity to express solidarity."

Yanek Schiavone, des sourires pour le Togo



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