South Africa


JAM Schweiz, October 2016


It's so nice to see, how the yellow balls from bring the children's eyes to shine. 

Thanks a lot once again for your generous support.

Fabienne Stöckli, Project associate of JAM Switzerland


JAM Schweiz, October 2015

"We were deeply touched to see what emotions of happyness an own playball can conjure up. It was wonderful for us to see the joy in the faces of the children which was brought there just by playing with a ball for a couple of hours. Compared to the children in Switzerland, it is unbelievable how these children, who have to grow up in completely different circumstances, can be made happy with a simple ball. Many thanks to that through your generous support again so many children's eyes were shining."

Fabienne Stöckli




JAM Schweiz, 2014

"This Fall JAM’s volunteers rebuilt five day care centers in a township near Johannisburg. We have had the pleasure of giving these and further child care centers the yellow balls of The children and day care mothers have received them with real excitement and greatfulness. It is truly amazing what a simple ball can do! I am very greatful to Yvonne and for presenting us with this gift." 

Daniela Brassel-Beglinger, JAM Schweiz



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