Iraqi Refugee Camp


Aramaic Relief International, 2017


Distribution at thte children's Day in Bablo, KRG North-Iraq

"In mid of July 2017, we organized a children's day in a refugee camp in Bablo, KRG North-Iraq. We distributed gifts, sweets and balls. Afterwards we all played together, danced, sung and laughed. The joy of the children was boundless, for a brief moment they could forget the horrific memories and experiences of the war and simply be children. We sincerely thank all donors who have made this important children's project possible.

Special thanks to, who donated us for the second time these great balls." 

Severiyos Aydin

„We distributed the balls in three different refugee camps in the North of Iraq; one part in Erbil and the rest around Dohuk (region of Kurdistan). The refugee families have many children and live under very simple, even precarious conditions. They had to flee over night without any belongings. Therefore, children have no toys nor anything at to all to occupy themselves with. When the kids saw that we were inflating balls, they came running and could hardly wait to catch a ball. They were beside themselves with joy and were pushing and almost fighting to be the first to get one. But as soon as they had their own ball in their hands they beamed with joy. It seemed as if the children had forgotten all the worries and strains completely. The joy of their parents was huge, when they saw the happiness of their children. They have not seen them like this for a very long time.”

Severiyos Aydin, ARAMAIC RELIEF International.



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