JAM Switzerland,  September 2019


The balls have been distributed at the School Catine in Inhassoro. The children loved the yellow balls with their own name on it.    

Daniela Brassel-Beglinger, Project manager



JAM Switzerland, September 2018


"We distributed 100 balls at the School of Macovane and played different games with the children there. 

People in Mocambique are very poor. One afternoon, three mothers who had helped us painting the school, showed us their home. They live in simple clay huts without electricity or current water. The double bed takes over half of the space in the hut and they cook their meals outside. Their gratefullness for our help was huge."

Daniela Brassel, Projektleiterin




JAM, November 2017


"I took part for the first time at a KITA Makeover in 2016. There, I experienced the huge joy of a child that was given a ball for the very first time. At the Kita Blessing, there were about 50 children who received a ball almost a the same time - depending only on how fast we could inflate the balls. During our stay this year there were many Highlights. The distribution of the balls from was definitely one of them." 

Patrik Blaser


JAM, November 2016


"I was deeply moved to see how pleased the children were, when they received a ball. Most of them never had a toy of their own and therefore the childrens' eyes were shining with joy!"  Nelli Sattler (Managing Director of JAM Switzerland)



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