Private Distribution

Morocco June 2017


"We distributed the balls in the middle of the country, where people worked on the field despite the great heat. While the older children had to help, the younger ones waited for their parents.

The children were very happy to receive a ball! From now on, the balls will be with them either while waiting on the field or when riding a donkey... "

Katja Steiner




Projects Abroad Morocco, 2015


“As a representative of Projects Abroad in Morocco, and on behalf of AMESIP, our partner association in Salé I would like to thank you for all the efforts you have put into bringing all the balls to Morocco. We were delighted to see large smiles on those small faces when we were giving the balls to the kids, and as you can tell from the photos, the kids were very happy to receive the gifts.”

Saad Rbiai


Private Distribution

myball distribution in Morocco, 2015


„On our trip through Morocco we seldom saw children. But the few times we saw some kids, we stopped immediately and gave them the balls. We met children who played football with a plastic bottle, others were with their parents in a very poor area and sold Moroccan Tea to passers-by and a few children were just sitting together, doing nothing. All those children were very happy to receive the balls. We also could give balls to children in a home in Essaouira. As the children held their “siesta” we could not give the balls personally. However, the person in charge assured us, that the children will be very happy when they receive the balls.”

André und Yvonne Steiner   


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