Distribution by Anita Fahrni,

Swiss Program for Language Instruction and Teacher Training, January 2019


"We gave the 400 yellow balls to children of the ASRAL Center. To children in orphanages, kindergardens and in districts around Ulaanbaatar. The children were very happy. Mongolian children, specially children with difficult lives are mostly very shy. The moment, they received the balls, was very precious: their eyes began to shine and it seemed as if they could forget their problems for a moment. Thank you very much that you gave this light of happyness to the children. Although it was only a ball, it had a deeper meaning for the children: Someone in this world was caring for them."

Burmaa, Director of the ASRAL Center



Private Distribution

Mongolia, Sommer 2017


"The balls have been distributed in Altai, the capital of the province Gobi Altai, in the southwest of Mongolia. 800 children attend the Khantaishir-Erdem Complex School, which is - by bus - twenty hours from the capital Ulaanbaarar. This area in the mountains of the Altai is without industry and very poor."

Anita Fahrni of Swiss Program for Language Instruction and Teacher Training


""Here are some photos with balls. Special thanks to you and sponsors. Kids are so happy to play with the balls.” 

Bayanjargal Purevnorson, Altai


Private Distribution

Mongolia, Spring 2017


"We chose the kids who were playing outdoor in Altanbulag. After the distribution we were explaining  the meaning of the project All kids who received the gift were so happy!" Anita Fahrni