Distribution through myball.ch 

Jamaika, Montego Bay January 2019


“Today, in Montego Bay, Jamaika, a taxi driver brought me to a school with children of poor families. Most of those kids had ever possessed a ball of their own. Now, 20 balls belong to some small girls and boys. Unfortunately, this time I could not bring more balls to the school – there was no space in my luggage.”

Yvonne Steiner 

"...it has brought smiles to the every single child that we have interacted with. The smiles and happiness have been contagious and there are just no words to describe the excitement of the children when they get their balls. It really underscores what a simple but important gift can do for a child. The distribution went very well, staff, volunteers and partners helped in making it a success and we were able to reach the very needy children. The parents have been very grateful for this gift to their children as they cannot afford to give their children a ball..." 

Bridgette B. Barrett, Country Director, Projects Abroad Jamaica


Private Distribution

myball distribution by myball.ch, 2014


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