Private Distribution

myball distribution in Goa, 2016


Balldistribution in Goa: About 80 playballs could be distributed to handicapped children as well as to children of very poor families around Majorda. They were so pleased to receive a playball! The distribution at the home for handicapped children was very impressive. Every day, the children had to sit at their desks without having a break. This was a very straining situation for the volunteers. However, when they brought the yellow playballs to the home, the daily routine changed for the children. They were allowed to play with the balls during a break! Also the teachers were pleased to see the change that was brought to the children by the ball games. And after playing the children could sit quiet during the next lesson....

Yvonne Steiner with volunteers at IDEX  January 2016



Private Distribution

myball distribution in South India, 2015


"When I went to India in February to visit my family, I took 50 balls with me. I distributed them in a charitable organisation called Akshaya Kshetram. It is based in Andhra Pradesh, in South India, which cares and educates mentally and physically challenged people of all ages. Furthermore, I distributed some balls to children on the streets. The children were very happy to receive the balls and they really enjoyed playing with them. It was amazing to see how happy the children were, when they got the balls."

Laalasa Pravanya



Samaritan Foundation in Delhi, 2015


"Samarpan Delhi recently distributed a yellow ball to children in celebration of the wonder and joy of 'play'. Thank you to for your generous gift to the Samarpan school children and gratitude to the volunteers who assisted to bring a huge smile to the children and their families. Sparkling eyes and laughter filled our schools across Delhi."


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