Salvation Army, Port-au-Prince / Haiti, May 2018


"We distributed the balls at our School in Couyot. For each class we organized a "sport lesson" and showed the children different simple games with the balls. It was so nice to see the joy of the children! Also the teachers were thrilled as they did not know the games. We agreed, that from now on they play regularly with the children. We left them 30 balls. 

I was so delighted to give the children this experience."

Sylvaine Mägli, Major




ESMONO, Haiti, April 2018


"All children at our school would like to thank Mrs. Yvonne Steiner for having thought of us. Actually, they are very happy. They play with their balls everywhere, it's lovely to watch them."

Melissa Charles



Salvation Army Port-au-Prince / Haiti, May 2016


"I could take part during the ball distribution at the Collège Verena, when our youngest children (almost 4 years old), where playing with the balls! That was amazing!

One photo shows, how they were fighting for a ball, another one two girls trying to carry the balls on their head - as they learn to carry everything on the head!

Whenever the children play with the yellow balls, they are very delighted and enjoy themselves greatly!" 

Sylvaine Mägli, Mai 2016



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