Partnerorganisation:  Informatics for Africa, October 2019

„In autumn I could take some balls to Ghana. Here, one photo which was taken at the opening of our school in Peki Adzokoe. The children were very happy and started to play immediately.” Rosina Hug, Project Manager



Private Distribution in Kpandu, July 2017



„In Kpandu, the region of Volta, we offered our help to an orphanage during ten days. We did building and repair work as well as teaching in different classes. From Switzerland, we brought lots of things for the children such as toys and clothes. The organisation gave us balls to bring to the orphanage. Each child received a ball to play with. This was very much appreciated.”

Manuel Savary  



Global Brigades Chur and private distribution, 2015



"The most impressive experience was to discover the glow in children's eyes and this truly happy smile on their faces whenever we arrived in a community with the shiny yellow balls. The excitment and laughter about it was so overwhelming and we literally had to protect our ears. A very great moment we shared with the kids. Moreover, it was deeply pleasant to see how the children played with the balls when we passed he communities afterwards."

Volunteer Anja Heller


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