Dominican Republic

Private Distribution: Summer 2019


"The distribution of 300 balls took place in poor quaters of Santo Domingo. The joy of the children was huge, immediately they started to play with their balls. It was so nice to watch them!"

Nerys Pena


Verteilung durch

In Benerito bei Bayahibe, Januar 2019


"Heute verteilte ich weitere 20 Bälle an Kinder zum Spielen. Hätte ich nur noch mehr Bälle gehabt. Von überall strömten die Kleinen mit ihren grossen Geschwistern herbei. Alle hatten eine riesengrosse Freude, so schön!"

Yvonne Steiner,



Private Distribution

Private distribution in the back country of Luperon. January 2017


"We started the distribution at a house where we saw five children. While talking to their mothers, a few more children appeared and we gave them each a ball with their name on it. We still do not know from where all of a sudden more than hundered children appeared. The news of the yellow balls must have spread like wildfire. It was a pleasure to watch the playing children!"

Nerys Pena and Yvonne Steiner



Private Distribution

Private distribution 2016


"It was a pleasure to watch the playing children!"

Nerys Pena

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